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Krystal's peaceful swim by MetalNazo Krystal's peaceful swim :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 10 9
Sheer the Night Fury
Name: Sheer.
Age: 19 in dragon years.
Gender: Female.
Race: Night Fury.
Physical Appearance: She looks a lot like Toothless however she has a green stripe on her back and green stripes on her wings. She also has blue eyes.
Size: Average.
Wingspan: Average.
Personality: Sheer is a very tough Night Fury who doesn't like to put up with nonsense at all. She prefers to get to the point of things and figure out what's going on. She finds humans very interesting and funny because of how they talk and how they make things that dragons can't even begin to think of making on their own. She has been known to steal things from humans in order to figure out how they work only to return them later on or what's left of the item in genral.
She can be very caring towards others once she gets to know them, but she is very protective of her territories and will fight anyone dumb enough to trespass or try to start a fight.
A couple of times she has r
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 3
Spike the Monstrous Nightmare
Name: Spike.
Age: 15.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human turned into a Monstrous Nightmare.
Physical Appearance: He looks like the average Monstrous Nightmare as far as the general appearance, however he has dark blue scales in place of red/orange scales. He has light blue stripes in place of black. He has Orange eyes. He also has only one pair of horns on his head.
Size: He's a foot shorter then the average Monstrous Nightmare.
Wingspan: Average.
Personality: Spike is mostly scared of other dragons but he's been getting over his fears thanks to the Night Fury Sheer. Since he became a dragon he's become calm and less reckless. He is brave and willing to do anything to help his friends or family and wonders if one day he'll end up with a Rider like the dragons of Berk.
History: Spike was usually a head strong and stubborn person, he always did things believing they were best for his family and village however he'd usually just end up
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 0
Akira the Grim Reaper's bio
Name: Akira Grim Reaper.
Age: 17 (when he first arrives at DWMA but becomes 18 shortly before Medusa reveals herself to be a Witch).
Height: He's as tall as Medusa.
Race: Grim Reaper (he's also half Witch but he doesn't learn that until later on in his stories).
Physical appearance: He wears black scientist glasses (with see through lenses), he also wears a T-Shirt with the Grim Reaper logo Death the Kid has on his outfit.
He is usually seen wearing his white lab coat that has some pockets inside and outside where he keeps pencils and vials filled with something he made. His pants and shoes are similar to Death the Kid's but his are more ripped in a few places, his hair is black while his eyes are green.
Classification: Meister, Half Immortal.
Weapon partners: Lithe and Cleopatra (Lithe is a katana and Cleopatra is a multi-weapon like Tsubaki due to being from Tsubaki's clan).
Abilities/Magic spells: Being a Grim Reaper like his cousin Kid and uncle Lord Death, giv
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 2 4
Gyro Sprocket's bio
Name: Gyro Sprocket.
Race: Half Human gorgonstien.
Age: 18.
Appearance: Gyro is a skinny 5 foot human, usually wearing black jeans. Regular glasses, brownish hair, currently green eyes that sometimes turn reptilian and glow in the dark. He keeps on studant uniform most of the time when he's at school but when he's not at school he keeps on a white shirt with a navy blue jacket. He keeps an army cammo colored backpack. Since his infection he now looks like an average person in reguards to his weight.
Abilities: Due to being infected by the gorgonstien plant Gyro has shape shifting powers that allow him to turn into just about anything as long as he has enough biomass to take on the form of the creature, he is extremely hard to kill and can only be killed when his entire body is destroyed. His green blood can infect other creatures if he allows it to and can control it to a point. He has a good brain and can make all kinds of devices but he prefers to w
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 4
Mature content
Cloverfield Tales part 1 Chapter 5 :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 2
Mature content
Cloverfield Tales part 1 Chapter 4 :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 2
Mature content
Cloverfield Tales part 1 Chapter 3 :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 2
Mature content
Gyro's Tales part 1 chapter 2 :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 3
Gyro's Tales Chapter 1
Gyro's Tales
Chapter 1 Visitors from another world.
In the deep dark vacuum of outer space an alien space ship zoomed by planets as it was heading for the planet known as Earth. The crew of the ship was merely four aliens that looked just like the average alien people claimed to have seen abducting cows and other lifeforms on earth including humans but with a couple unique trait on their bodies.
The aliens had big white skinned heads with huge pupil less eyes that looked like a stary  night sky on earth but with more colors in the sky such as purple, blue, pink and green. They ware what looked like skin tight black spacesuits with a hose sticking out of the back of the suits and plugged into an opening in the back of their skulls which seemed to be meant for breathing whatever chemicals the aliens needed in order to survive. the hoses were small and hidden by the back of the aliens heads keeping their breathing hoses hidden from anything that could possibly harm their l
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 2
Lord Storm's Bio
Lord Storm's Bio
Name: Storm.
Alias: The heroic leader, The terrifying Storm, King of the West Galaxy, Lord
Storm, Wind of Justice. Hero of the common people.
Age: unknown (claims to be older then Cooler).
Race: Frieza's Race.
Home-world: The Home-world of Frieza's race.
Appearance: Looks a lot like Cooler in his forth form (because Storm prefers his forth form much like Cooler), but he has green skin in place of purple skin. His eyes are a great black. He usually wears a cape and battle armor while on his ship or a planet under his control or the control of the Planet Trade Organization. Commonly he is seen without armor much like Frieza and Cooler in their forth forms. His tail has a red stripe across it.
Powers: He has all of Coolers powers but at the power level of Majin Buu (when Buu first showed up in the series), he has worked hard to make his body highly resistant to most energy attacks and can deflect energy attacks easily depending on the power level of the attack. However be
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 0
Mature content
Art trade story for sonicbursterstorymkr :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 2 9
A Christmas Story with Melody and Green
A Christmas story with Melody and Green.
Green the Hedgehog and his adopted sister Melody the Hedgehog were busy this year preparing for their second Christmas together. The two have been happy living together since the day Green saved Melody from her terrible father. She's been happy with him ever since then and enjoys time with her older brother, she loves the Christmas angels people put up on Christmas trees from time to time.
This year Green was able to take Melody to see a lot of light shows with beautiful Christmas lights and trees. Melody enjoyed these happy times with Green a lot and whenever he was around she felt very happy and glad to be alive.
Life for Melody with Green is great and always worthwhile for the two of them, Green decided to throw a big Christmas party this year with a lot of his friends. Once he was done he and Melody had a good Christmas just the two of them, they watched Christmas specials and read stories to each other and had hot chocolate.
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 3
Christmas short story for Joshpoint0
A Christmas short story for Joshpoint0
Long ago in Felarya on the day of Christmas in a lab out in the middle of the jungle of the great land a woman was hard at work preparing for the holiday. Even though Sophie was on a distant world far away from everyone she knows she still celebrated Christmas even though in Felarya the larger sentient predators who celebrated the holiday celebrated it differently.
One day while Sophie was busy working on her Christmas Tree, she heard a knock at her front door of her lab and was a bit surprised to see the water naga Sierra and the young shape shifter Lilly. After the two came in to see their friend they wondered what the ten foot tree was doing in Sophie's lab.
Sophie then explained to them it was a Christmas tree and explained about the holiday of Christmas to her friends. Sierra and Lilly seemed to know a little about Christmas from traveling to different worlds all the time, and decided to celebrate the holiday with Sophie this year in F
:iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 2 5
Mature content
Solomon meets Cliff :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 6
Mature content
Who said anything about elves :iconmetalnazo:MetalNazo 1 5


Space ride by DamianKrzywonos Space ride :icondamiankrzywonos:DamianKrzywonos 649 75 The Calling by jordangrimmer The Calling :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 4,414 110 Seeing Eye to Eye by ME-B Seeing Eye to Eye :iconme-b:ME-B 115 23 Ikara the Squidess by TenaciousTinkerer Ikara the Squidess :icontenacioustinkerer:TenaciousTinkerer 94 9 Lil Yun by TenaciousTinkerer Lil Yun :icontenacioustinkerer:TenaciousTinkerer 25 8 Trapped with Ria by vaderaz
Mature content
Trapped with Ria :iconvaderaz:vaderaz 93 48
Felarya - Outer - Kim Redesign by Stringsartz Felarya - Outer - Kim Redesign :iconstringsartz:Stringsartz 20 17 Artemis by lizardman22 Artemis :iconlizardman22:lizardman22 6 16 Yuki the feathered naga by IxisNyx Yuki the feathered naga :iconixisnyx:IxisNyx 18 39 9 - Skeleton by parameciumkid 9 - Skeleton :iconparameciumkid:parameciumkid 18 3 Felaray - Anna by Stringsartz Felaray - Anna :iconstringsartz:Stringsartz 106 50 Poison Ivy by lizardman22 Poison Ivy :iconlizardman22:lizardman22 3 0 NvO: The Lost Pages Pg 04 by Severflame NvO: The Lost Pages Pg 04 :iconseverflame:Severflame 110 29 Tharja by arcuate Tharja :iconarcuate:arcuate 1,010 26 We've got a winner here by ShockRabbit We've got a winner here :iconshockrabbit:ShockRabbit 659 59 Sonic Channel: Metal Sonic by Fuzon-S Sonic Channel: Metal Sonic :iconfuzon-s:Fuzon-S 470 67
this is just random art and DA story's I saw on DA^_^




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United States
I'm a very kind emotional and caring guy who's always happy to see new people.

I have a good DA family.

one of my long term and very emotional DA sisters who full understands me and I her is :iconyamixyugifangirl109: no one can be mean to her and get away with it when I'm around

here's my DA sister who's a good and close person I look to for fun and friendship :iconlucyhedgehog:

:iconkonekochi: is my older DA sister, she has a great style of art and we look out for each other, she's making a cool DA manga series called Tainted Blood.

:iconamethystmuse: is one of my long term friends and is a good DA sister of mine^_^

:icondavid-dent-jedai: has been one of THE best DA bros a guy could ask for.

:iconwalkingbyself: is a cool bro of mine.

:iconblackdragon-studios: is a pretty awesome DA sister.

The great and cool family pet Neko is none other then Nyaha aka :iconnyahahameha:

My good friend and DA sister :iconthestitchyheart: is a great artist.

:iconkrisdow2: is my middle sister, she's very fun to be around, her nickname is Catty^_^

One of my great middle DA sisters who is awesome is the great Hollow also known here on DA as :iconmarchanmoon: be nice to her.

my good DA big brother is the great :iconwhiskeyfox: thank you pal for helping me becoming a better writer ^_^

:iconsoul-th: is my dangerous puppy I like her much^_^ she's also a DA sister^^

:iconzillatamer99: is a very good pal and a great step brother of mine^_^

my happy DA cousin who has some pretty AWESOME! artwork, she likes to draw Sonic the hedgehog characters :iconnarcotize-nagini:

:icontfk-fan1: is my little shy sister, and I'm pretty much willing to look out for her.

sense :iconcodemaster9999: has been there for me sense week one for me on DA, he's pretty much my big DA brother^_^

:iconderexslayer: is my step brother, I think he's pretty cool 8)

:iconkanameluver: is my BFF sister she's very nice^_^

another very good DA cousin of mine is my friend :icongamergirlnoob96: she's pretty cool and doing DA point commissions

:iconforeverknight13: aka Alex is a very good DA cousin of mine^_^

:icontouchmysitar: is a good DA sister of mine^_^

:icondarklove12211: is my pet on DA^_^

:iconyamisamurai24: she is a new DA sister^_^

:iconwilderniss: is the newest of my DA cousins she's pretty good at art take a look at her stuff^_^

:iconwhitefangsthewolf95: is my new da bro

:iconlizardman22: is one of my good and trusted DA cousins, he and I RP a lot with each other, and we've really come a long way with are RPs

I'm also into all kinds of things, I would like to make a list of all the things I like but I'm to lazy to^^;

Favourite genre of music: all genre's of music
Favourite style of art: just about any kind of style
Wallpaper of choice: Nazo wallpapr
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: Spot on the Dime

I am pretty random in my train of thought but I am overall a nice guy willing to help a friend in need.

I have become a writer on DA for the group Felarya and am improving as time go's by learning words and all that I haven't seen before.

I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff of all kinds like aliens and nagas, I am a big naga fan in all truth.

If you want to get to know me better best to just ask me through a note



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